Social Activities

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At Equitas Gyan Kendra, members are provided vocational training to help augment their income levels. Equitas Trainers will train clients in various skills like making candle, agarbathi, phenyl, detergent, tailoring, Embroidery, masala powder, pickle, jam making etc in Cities and Towns and Agri based activities like bee keeping, Mushrooms, rabbit-rearing, basket making , fibre extraction in Semi urban and rural areas. In a short span Equitas has imparted training to 3,68,221 members. As a next step, Equitas is exploring the potential for providing market linkages to such training programs. A pilot on market linkage for clients is currently on in manufacturing raw agarbathis with ITC and for papads with Lijjad papads



quitas conducts eye, dental, gynec, veterinary(for cattles of members) and General health camps by partnering with medical service providers such as Shankar Nethralaya, Aravind Eye Hospitals, Vasan Eye Care, Agarwal Eye Care, Rajan Eye care, Uma Eye Care, Deepam Group of Hospitals, Chettinad, Ekam Trust for Pediatric care & Voluntary Health Services (VHS), Hindu mission, etc. Apart from screening for general ailments, eye-check-ups and cancer screening, the patients are offered discounts by these hospitals for In patient treatment thus help them save on the expenditure, this apart awareness and health education is also imparted to help improve health general hygiene & living conditions.



Healthcare is a source of significant financial stress for Equitas members. A particular problem afflicting members is the lack of access to quality healthcare; especially for critical illnesses. Equitas has installed an inbound call centre to serve as a helpline for members to obtain information on treatment of serious illnesses by quality health-care providers at a subsidized cost. Equitas has established partnership with healthcare service providers; who will provide their services either free of cost or at reduced prices for Equitas members. This facility is being piloted at Chennai and has helped patients obtain prompt access to healthcare at the right hospital; and at a reduced cost. The initial success of this initiative is set to be bolstered by a larger network of hospitals that will be empanelled in the next few months; and the expansion of this service to areas other than Chennai as well.



In another proactive step, Equitas facilitates conduct of job fairs for members’ unemployed children with the help of recruiters and employers to enable employment opportunities and help them with job placements according to their profiles in companies like Nokia, Tech company’s, and retail outlets like Textile showrooms, KFC, Malls, Hospitals etc. Till date we were able to find gainful employment to over 33,309 wards of our member base



Equitas Launched the Health Helpline Service to its Customers exclusively, during Dec.09. This will go a long way to provide a cost effective, timely & good treatment for its customers. Another “Equitas Initiative” to ensure Good Health to all its Customers


Equitas Bird’s Nest is the initiative for rehabilitating pavement dwellers. Uses a multi-stage filtering process to select the poorest of the poor households. Equitas Bird’s Nest uses a multi-stage filtering process to select the poorest of the poor households.  Internationally accepted indicators, internally developed indicators, and the community’s own input are all critical components of selection.

Pre-Selection :

Discussions with municipal zonal managers to map out pavements

Talk to other NGSs ( Wordl Vision, Anbu Illam) to shortlist the pavements

Field staff visit pavements to assess the Density of households, Duration of stay etc.

Community Self-Selection :

Community meetings are held to gauge interest and surveys are administered to better understand poverty level

Communities are selected based on willingness and interest

Validation :

Repeated checks at different time’s to ensure that they are pavement dwellers

Feedback from other NGOs

Ultra Poor Surveys :

Each household completes a poverty assessment survey (administered by field staff)

Ultra Poor families are identified based on Grameen PPI indicators and EBN’s Ultra Poor Indicators